taking hot showers is healthier

How Taking A Hot Shower Can Help Musicians Become Healthier

Life of a musician can be exciting and cheerful, but also tiring. Many musicians have a busy life due to many practice sessions, rehearsals, concerts, tours, photo shoots, video clips, etc. With this busy schedule, musicians may not have the time to care about their private life or health, as their main concerns are mostly related to their job. However, being a musician doesn’t change the fact that you should ignore your health care; on the contrary, you should pay extra attention to your health because you need a healthy body and mind for your rehearsals, concerts, and such It’s also important to have a good mental health for you to take inspirations and be productive.

Hot shower’s health benefits
Taking a hot shower is definitely one of the best ways to feel relieved, especially for those who are overwhelmed with the stress and busy schedule of their job. This goes for musicians as well. After a busy day spent by practicing in the studio or playing in a bar for long hours, you are finally at home, exhausted. The first thing that comes to your mind is to take a warm, relaxing shower and go to sleep. Indeed, it is relaxing because everything that has tired you out goes with the flow of water.

Taking a hot shower relieves you from the stress of your job because hot water has an impact on your body to increase oxytocin levels that smooth your mood and take off your stress. Moreover, it’s a natural sedative that gives you a good night’s sleep because hot water helps to cleanse your body and mind of stress. All you need is to take a hot shower and go to sleep. The next day when you wake up, you’ll be much more energetic and ready for your musical practices, recordings, and concerts.

Another and the most important benefit of a hot shower for musicians is its effect on curing your pain. As a musician, you use your body actively. If you’re a singer, your vocal cords can get hurt for overuse. Similarly, your fingers can get injured from playing instruments for a long time. A hot shower will help you to cure your pain and give you a healthy and sweet voice.

How to stop a leaking shower head at home? Meeting with shower head leakage can be unpleasant when you’re tired of your recordings and concerts all day long. Yet, you can repair your shower head with a quick operation. First, Close the water supply. Cover the drain of the shower with a towel. Check if the washer is damaged. Clean your shower head by immersing it in a bowl of white vinegar for a couple of hours. Scrub the shower head with a toothbrush and remove the dirt in its holes with a toothpick. Clean the shower head with hot water and attach it to its place. Turn the water on and check whether the problem is solved. If it is not solved, think about different solutions such as checking the faucet or rubber washer.

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