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Advantages of Online Concerts for Musicians and Performing Artists

Technology has blessed the 21st-century with a variety of options as a means of achieving different objectives. Even concerts don’t have to involve physical gathering anymore. With inventions such as YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope, online performances are a hit for fans and artists alike.

However, with the benefits that come with conducting a live concert, you might wonder what the valuable advantages of online shows are and why artists should utilize the means. With the following benefits, you’d understand why, as an artist, you should perform concerts online.

1. There Are No Physical Barriers

Using an online platform for your concert gives you the unique privilege of accommodating many more people than you ordinarily would. Every fan of yours stands the chance of participating in your performance without hindrance resulting from a lack of space at the venue. Hence, an online concert is an excellent way of making your entire fans happy.

2. The Location of the Show is Irrelevant

An American artist may have many fans in England and from other parts of the world. These fans don’t have to worry about crossing borders or continents to have a feel of your show, nor miss out because they can’t come. Online concert brings everyone together via the internet irrespective of distances.

3. Cozy and Saves Time and Money

Nobody has to dress up to attend an online concert. This advantage gives fans the privilege of sitting on their couch in pajamas while having an electrifying experience with their idol. Moreover, they wouldn’t have to spend time and money traveling or getting concert and plane tickets.

The artist, on the other hand, uses their recording studio or house to perform the concert. Thus saving their time and money. Therefore every artist deserves this method of performance.

4. Organization Work Becomes Unnecessary

Online concerts are simple to carry out. There’s no need for the exhausting organization planning and work that have to go on for a live show. No need for promoters, sponsorship, nor formulating a contract for an online concert. Furthermore, artists don’t have to struggle for prestigious and competitive venues, which is likely to cost them more time and money.

5. Stimulates the Connection between the Performer and Audience

The bond between an artist and their fans can affect their financial condition. Fortunately, with an online concert, a performer can strengthen the bond they have with their lovers by using platforms that allow viewers to comment as the artist performs. In response, the artist can react orally to the audience. This intimate conversation can happen during the break of the performance or after rendering a couple of songs.

6. Artists Can Effectively Promote their Works

Just by announcing a call to action to the audience, a musician can gain thousands of new subscribers or followers on their page. They can even sell out another product of theirs as soon as they break the news online during performances.

7. High Security

No artist would want to endanger the lives of their aficionado. With an online concert, an artist can effectively erase the crises that are likely to occur in a vast gathering. For instance, the risk of spreading viral infections and the unfortunate event of a sporadic shooting.

Online platforms can also prevent crimes such as sexual violations, stealing, and gang fights during physical performances. Some of these events have been recorded in past shows, making the online concert a secure alternative.

Moreover, so many musicians who undergo the rigor of performing physically before their fans usually need to carry bodyguards on stage who may have tested a bunch of AR-10 Trigger and found these affordable yet robust options of AR-10 stock useful for protection against fanatics and haters alike. Contrarily, you wouldn’t have to make such an investment cause your safety is sure.

8. No Late Coming and Traffic Incidences

When everybody is watching from home, the artist doesn’t have to worry about arriving late or the audience worrying about reaching the venue late too. They can all conveniently come online on time. The audience especially can join at any time without worrying about standing in the back where other fans can obstruct their view. 

Moreover, an artist can prevent traffic incidences which are a considerable discomfort to other members of society and even for their fans on such events.

9. Less Emotionally Draining

The pressure that comes with satisfying a physical audience can be so enormous for artists. Contrarily, by live streaming, a performer can be more relax and confident in their ability. Therefore giving their best to the delight of their audience.

Furthermore, for a growing artist who has a lesser audience to perform to in a venue, they don’t have to watch the vacant spaces, which is likely to ruin their morale. In an online platform, artists can easily concentrate on performing and be lost in the moment.

10. Accessibility

Since there are no physical barriers, you don’t have to worry about your sick fans who can’t make it out of the hospital on that day to watch you perform; online concert can be a great way of making your event very accessible, so your fans can enjoy the benefits of attending live concert

So you see, online concerts have a lot of advantages for both the audience and the artist. No, doubt, this method can afford an evergreen experience.

8 Benefits of Attending Live Music Concerts

Do you know that a fresh and cheerful live concert can make you come alive more than anything else in the world?

Watching your favorite artist perform live before you or even just some musician who’s far from being a superstar does so much to the mind than prescribed drugs. The timbre of their voice and the glints in their stares sparks a memory you’d relish forever.

More so, the beauty of this experience goes way beyond the moment and is much deeper than bragging about watching Shinedown perform at an arena. This experience implies that there are a thousand reasons why you should want to attend a live concert. See why here:

1. It’s Relieving

Going through a gloomy phase? Perfect time to get a ticket and attend a live concert ASAP. Gig events are usually an ideal place to see and feel life bursting with energy. When you consider the people around you dancing, or other music lovers sitting with a bottle of beer in their hands, combined with the zeal of the band, takes you away from your baggage and into a world of peace and excitement.

You get to have a more positive outlook, which helps you realize that life isn’t that bad after all.

2. Inspires You

There’s something about the power of music. A beautifully crafted song touches the soul. Immersing oneself in a live concert does so much more. It uncovers the creativity you’ve been searching for in your craft.

For instance, a woodworker who makes beautiful guitars, while watching his beloved rock star pulling the strings of a guitar, would be blown away and inspired to do more for the woodworking community.

Trust me, even with the best jointer and planer tools that can make cuts; both options aren’t enough to unleash your creativity when you’re all work and no play.

So, purchase a ticket for your upcoming favorite artiste’s live concert and let their music take its full course on you.

3. Bonding Time

Just standing beside other music enthusiasts, enjoying a talented artiste play gives you a sense of togetherness. What’s more? You’re not basking in this communal spirit alone as other music lovers are also thinking, “wow, the beehives are here with me.”

This positive magnetic emotion makes you feel like there’s never going to be any more conflicts in the world.

4. You Unearth Fresh Music

Attending an everyday concert, unlike the one of your idol, means you’ll be hearing new music you never thought you had a listening ear for. Since we all agreed that music is life, it, therefore, means you’ll be acquiring more experience as you unearth fresh music.

So, don’t just wait until Justin Bieber is throwing a concert to enjoy the benefits of attending a live band. Just look around you and find the right artiste worth your time.

5. You Can Shed Some Fats

So, would you instead opt for a more fun way to stay healthier besides registering for some gym classes? Whew. You can cheerfully burn some of those calories the minute you step into a concert venue.

Standing, dancing, and general body movement are the hallmarks of a gig. So, the more time you spend dancing and rhyming your hands along to some good music, the more calories you burn without even noticing it.

So, go for it.

6. Easy Way to Enlarge your Cycle

For music lovers, it’s usually friendship at first sight at any music show. This trend is because, if you’re all fans of the same genre of music, the chances are high that you’d be sharing the same view at life. Therefore, attending a live band is such a natural means of adding to your list of friends.

Undoubtedly, you’re one concert away from finding your best friend, the love of your life or, a ride or die.

7. You’d be Preserving a Beautiful Memory

Whether it’s a Rihanna concert or one with a local artist, one thing is sure- you’d be creating lovely memories for the future. 

Nostalgic feelings are usually enjoyable and are very much appreciated. So, if you desire something to be grateful for in a few years to come, join the queue and get a concert ticket.

8. Sending All your Love to the Artiste

One of the greatest needs of an artiste is love and support. The simple act of attending their concert ordinarily blows their mind away. Haven’t you noticed how performing singers scream the three magic words “I love you” with every strength and emotion in them? This practice is because they love that they have an audience to perform to and to share their precious songs with fans who’d even purchase a ticket to hear them sing. 

So, when next you desire to send your love to any artiste in your good books, attend their concert. Whether they’re organizing a comeback or trying something new, the more tickets you purchase, the more they realize they still mean something to you. Now you know that with just a ticket, you’ll be getting more than the aura of your favorite artiste live on stage. More so, you’ll be well-positioned for a healthier, happier, and more creative life.

What Makes Playing Pingpong A Great Pastime Activity For Bands

 The work of a music band is something that needs an activity that makes you engage in physical activity. The contemporary society has it such that you can accomplish most of your errands in the comfort of your home. It is possible to have a health challenge which means that you will have some lifestyle diseases. The best past time is one that not only engages you in physical activity but also enhances your mental acuity. Ping pong is an activity that fits in that category. It is a great pastime activity for bands. It is a highly complex sport but enjoyable. Playing ping pong is not just fun you can also earn from it when you engage in competitions either locally or internationally. You only need to train and make sure that you master the rules.

Why is it important for music bands?

This is one game that you have to have good coordination between the hand and the eyes. Surprisingly, these are also the parts that you also use when playing the various musical instruments. As much as you have a diverse activity, the fact that it strengthens them means that you will be a better band player, especially when playing the guitar.

This is a brain game, be sure that constant ping pong play will have a difference in the brain sharpness. You also need this skill to make sure that you learn the parts of the instruments to get the best out of them. In most cases, you notice that you only use the basic parts of instruments simply because you lack the zeal to explore the options the band instruments have to offer.

Teamwork is an ideal virtue for a music band. This is a benefit that you also get when playing ping pong. When playing the doubles you have to work with the coordination of your team members. These are two activities that complement each other.

When a music band member is not careful, they may add weight. The only way to get rid of this weight is to engage in a game that will burn the calories. Ping pong is a physically intensive sport that involves a lot of aerobic exercises. When incorporated with the diet then be sure that the band member will have a healthy weight.

You need a life away from us and members. It is advisable to take care f both your emotional, physical and social health. Ping pong is a game that attracts many people of different calibers then the band member will have a social life that affects emotional health. You need to have a balance even if music is your career. The balance comes from the life schedule and also the balance to accommodate the long hours that you have to entertain your guests. This is only possible when you have a physically fit body. It is important to have a past time as a band member to have a quality life.

Why Woodworkers Should Listen To Music While Working

Music is the best medicine. It can improve your mood and it can sooth your mind. Woodworking is slob of hard labor. A woodworker may have to give hours of labor to perfect a design. Sometimes all these woodworking jobs can be boring. This consistent hard labor may not suit a woodworker everyday. Apart form that, woodworkers sometime do their jobs outside. Under the direct sun they may not feel good and their mood may get disturbed. For all of these problems woodworkers can listen to the music. There can be more reasons to listen to the music while woodworking.

Benefits of listening to music while working

  1. Better Mood
    Woodworking is a job of patience and labor. There are so many tasks that a woodworker have to do. Now, if a wood worker don’t have a good mood, then he can’t carve out a proper design. It’s impossible for any man to start a daily job with a great mood. But, music can give him a nice mood. If a woodworker listens to his favorite songs, he can start his day with a great mood. After all, woodcutting is a work of art and without a fantastic mood, a woodworker may fail to do it.
    Music can give a woodworker some sweet memories and this will help him to complete his job.
  2. Free from Boredom While cutting woods using a planer, a woodworker may get bored. Continuous wood cutting may be boring. Music can help a woodworker can get small breaks and he can listen to music. He can use his smartphone to listen to music. He can also download some apps to listen to live streaming. When he listens to his favorite songs, he won’t get bored. He will have the same focus as creating an induction design. This will improve the woodworker’s quality of work and he will be doing more work within the same time period.
  3. More Precision
    Some people may think that listening to music can break concentration. But, this is not true. In the opinion of the psychologists, music is good for repetitive tasks. A Woodworker does his jobs repetitively. This repetition becomes a kind of pattern. So, if a woodworker listens to the music, his brain won’t react. As a result, his working environment gets improved and he can focus more on his job. Moreover, music won’t allow any other external or background sounds. So, when he gets adapted to his music environment, he does his work with more precision.
  4. Inspirational music
    There is some music which gives inspiration. This kind of music is really good for woodworkers. They will be inspired to create new designs. It can also inspire them to do their work perfectly.

Any kind of inspiration is good for creativity. A woodworker’s job is full of challenges and it requires creativity. Music can be the only solution to complete such creative jobs with perfection. To conclude it can be said that, woodworkers can listen to music when they take short brakes. They can also listen to it before staring their works. Whenever be the time, good music should always be welcomed by them.

How Taking A Hot Shower Can Help Musicians Become Healthier

Life of a musician can be exciting and cheerful, but also tiring. Many musicians have a busy life due to many practice sessions, rehearsals, concerts, tours, photo shoots, video clips, etc. With this busy schedule, musicians may not have the time to care about their private life or health, as their main concerns are mostly related to their job. However, being a musician doesn’t change the fact that you should ignore your health care; on the contrary, you should pay extra attention to your health because you need a healthy body and mind for your rehearsals, concerts, and such It’s also important to have a good mental health for you to take inspirations and be productive.

Hot shower’s health benefits
Taking a hot shower is definitely one of the best ways to feel relieved, especially for those who are overwhelmed with the stress and busy schedule of their job. This goes for musicians as well. After a busy day spent by practicing in the studio or playing in a bar for long hours, you are finally at home, exhausted. The first thing that comes to your mind is to take a warm, relaxing shower and go to sleep. Indeed, it is relaxing because everything that has tired you out goes with the flow of water.

Taking a hot shower relieves you from the stress of your job because hot water has an impact on your body to increase oxytocin levels that smooth your mood and take off your stress. Moreover, it’s a natural sedative that gives you a good night’s sleep because hot water helps to cleanse your body and mind of stress. All you need is to take a hot shower and go to sleep. The next day when you wake up, you’ll be much more energetic and ready for your musical practices, recordings, and concerts.

Another and the most important benefit of a hot shower for musicians is its effect on curing your pain. As a musician, you use your body actively. If you’re a singer, your vocal cords can get hurt for overuse. Similarly, your fingers can get injured from playing instruments for a long time. A hot shower will help you to cure your pain and give you a healthy and sweet voice.

How to stop a leaking shower head at home? Meeting with shower head leakage can be unpleasant when you’re tired of your recordings and concerts all day long. Yet, you can repair your shower head with a quick operation. First, Close the water supply. Cover the drain of the shower with a towel. Check if the washer is damaged. Clean your shower head by immersing it in a bowl of white vinegar for a couple of hours. Scrub the shower head with a toothbrush and remove the dirt in its holes with a toothpick. Clean the shower head with hot water and attach it to its place. Turn the water on and check whether the problem is solved. If it is not solved, think about different solutions such as checking the faucet or rubber washer.

Special tip: If you want to enjoy your hot shower better, you should invest in a great quality shower; because there are various high and models with rich outlines, high-quality properties, and floor-level showers. The new models include stainless steel drains, aqua-sensitive LED lightings and electric shower heads. You can customize your bathroom with these practical, luxurious and well-functioning shower products for a better showering experience.

Importance Of Best Flushing Toilets For Busy Musicians

With the advancement in technology and other fields, there has been a lot of advancement in many other fields also Every development no matter if it is a small thing, it is said to be developed. There has been a lot of increase in the use of modern flush toilets nowadays. They are very useful also.

Earlier the advancement was considered in having a western toilet but now you would be able to find many new designs and types of modern toilets. The latest ones are the flush toilets.

The trend of flushing toilets has increased because they waste very less amount of water. Flushing toilets are more elaborate than the others. Earlier you would only find a handful places having flushing toilets. But now it has increased a lot.

What is a Good Flushing Toilet?
A good quality flushing toilet is a one which provides the very fast supply of water as it is not using so much amount of water When the water flow is good, it would help to keep the toilet bowl clean. Flushing toilets save a lot of water and in some countries where the water is chargeable; it is a thing that could save you daily money.

Flushing toilets are very useful for those people who are very busy. They have to perform many tasks at the same time and their life is always hectic. But still, this is a daily life activity they have to perform. Flushing toilets are more elaborate function than most other toilets because of the flushing facility. For people like musicians, they find inconvenience in regular toilets because for them every second is important. These flushing toilets could help them to save even those fractions of seconds which they could utilize at any other place because musicians are always on the move and ready to go.

When you have the best flushing toilet then you would have an excellent bathroom experience. It is not necessary that luxury and satisfaction is required at all high-class places only or at places like a bedroom and living rooms only in the house Luxury is important even in the toilets.

Musicians find flushing toilets to be very handy and convenient as it saves their time Every second saved from a day could be used someplace else. Now you might be thinking that what would happen by saving a few seconds. If you add up these seconds then you would know how much time you could save in total.

When you go for choosing between flushing toilets, there are very much chances that you might get confused because you would find many options for toilets with different features. You should always look for a flushing toilet with high flushing power and the one which uses very less amount of water. If you keep these two factors in mind then you could get the perfect flushing toilet for your house without any problems. Just remember one thing that luxury and comfort is necessary at every place, even in toilets.

Playing “Five Knives” Music when Playing Ping Pong

Five Knives is the music band famous for playing electrifying thunderous tunes. As told by the group itself, they describe it as electronica meets the rock and roll.
Have you ever tried Playing Ping Pong, listening to the music of Five Knives? The music of the songs of this band blends well with the game movements. It provides the players with a new experience and makes the game lively. In real, Ping Pong is the table tennis played by a group of two or four players. In the Ping Pong Game, a group or four or two people hit a lightweight ball across the table using the bats which are smaller in size.

Five Knives is the Nashville based team of musicians, who plays one of the best music ever. The wild song ones featured in the Neighbors2, the other songs in Savage are worth listening.
The music video “Messin with my Mind “lead by the leading singer, Anna Worstell is a great experience. Playing Ping Pong every day with Five Knives music is interesting. The entire game will take the participants to a new level along with the music of the Five Knives. These songs provide the players and viewers with a unique gaming experience.

Playing games incorporating the music provides a new way of dealing with the game. It makes the game more exciting and players can play the games without any boredom. Most of the songs from the Music Band, Five Knives, will have a direct effect on the listeners. They are the songs which impact the various personality levels of the person, such as the action and the psychological state of a person. This is where; playing the music while involved in a game comes in to spotlight. It increases the excitation level of the person, and the person will be hyperactive. This energy can be used for playing games like Ping Pong Play and taking the entire game and the gaming experience to a newer level.

The music from the band Five Knives makes it different from other music bands by the characteristics of music and the technology they incorporate in the song. Each song delivered by them is unique and a masterpiece. Integrating the vibes and energy level of the Music from Five Knives to the game of Ping Pong gives the player great energy and a positive attitude. This is the right way to start a day energetically.

Playing Ping Pong every day is a good exercise for the body and the mind. If the game is spiced up by music, then the scene becomes even more attractive and addictive. What about mixing the game with music with highly aggressive technological invasions and the unique music exclusively for club-ready dance and spicing up with sharp twists and turns of Five Knife music? The Ping Pong play can be made more and more special by practicing special moves with the music thus providing a treat to the body, mind, and soul. You can indulge in the magical world of technology and club music and warm up your day with a session of Ping Pong. The music, the game and the tricky moves during the play with the music is excellent therapy.

Ideas on What to Wear to a Rock Concert

Sometimes, attending a rock concert isn’t just about enjoying the music. Rock concerts can be excellent opportunities to socialize with other rock fans who share your tastes and interests. Like any social event, you may be stuck on your wardrobe options. Here are some ideas on what to wear to a rock concert.

Don’t Overthink It
A big message in rock music is to be yourself and go against the grain. This message underlies many rock songs and is a common motto of most famous rock bands and musicians. So, the first thing you should do is ditch the nerves. Going to a rock concert should be a fun, memorable experience. You don’t need to go on a three-day crazed shopping spree just for a rock concert outfit. Pick something that you feel shows your personality. When the rule is “dress to your tastes”, it’s easy to make the right choice.
That being said…

Keep It Casual
If your go-to social outfit is a fancy suit or a ballgown, you might have to rethink your personal tastes for this particular occasion. Remember, you will be packed into a small space with hundreds, if not thousands, of other rock fans. No matter how air-conditioned the venue or wide the open space, things are going to get hot and sweaty.

For men, a simple t-shirt and jeans combination is a classic outfit that you can consider for a rock concert. Sleeveless t-shirts to show off the guns are also a popular choice. If long leans aren’t your thing, board shorts are another option to consider, although you’ll be in the minority.

As for t-shirts, pick the one that you feel good in but also don’t mind possibly getting dirty. Rethink wearing band march if you don’t want to look like a newbie.

You’ll do well to pack an extra t-shirt just in case you need a quick change. For women, the t-shirt and skinny jeans combo is a classic, but you can shake things up with some shorts if you prefer.

Keep It Breezy
We mean this literally. Opt for light fabrics in summer and leave your coats in the locker room in winter, because no matter the weather outside, the venue will heat up like a sauna. Try wearing a long-sleeved, heavy cotton shirt to a rock concert and you’ll instantly regret it.

Cover Your Feet Possibly the biggest and most important wardrobe rule for rock concerts is the “no flip-flops. rule. This is for your own safety. If you want to keep your toes intact for the duration of the concert, wear a pair of sneakers or boots. Flipflops, sandals, heels, and other footwear that bare your fragile toes to the thoughtless heels of your fellow concertgoers should be left in the closet.

Ditch Large Jewelry Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are some great ways to show off your individuality and spice up your outfit but don’t overdo it Big and/or dangly jewelry can get caught in hair, injure others, and generally just get in the way. Rubber band bracelets are a fun and popular rock concert accessory, and they are safe, as well.

Just remember, rock concerts are very active events, sometimes even aggressive. Even if you do not plan on rocking out in the mosh pit, it can be easy to get carried along with the crowd once you get into the spirit of things. Don’t wear anything that you will regret losing or damaging.

Why Bands Need to Invest in Photographers?

The new era we are living has revolutionized and completely changed our communication channels, and at the same time, the ways in which we communicate. It happens with propaganda; before the political speeches were made through speeches that wanted to transmit ideas, now it is different is currently done with words that seek to convey feelings. So we see many political leaders, but also sports, business, religious and cultural, devote more time and effort to have a good picture in an event with high image quality, before the same act itself. The event can be a press conference or a performance of the activity that the person practices, but always ponder the possibility of having a good image and communicate it in the immediacy possible. The same thing happens today with the bands.

This has managed to make two historical changes: First, the birth of the job “Community Manager”, a kind of assistant who is responsible for managing the personal social networks of a celebrity or the institutional social networks of any company, corporation, sports team or band And the second fact has been that the profession of photographers is valued today as never before in history had been It had always been said that photographers were the ones who documented modern history, but they were always treated as tangential and merely testimonial actors, not today; photographers are now story makers through their work. Everyone wants to have an excellent photographer who can make them competitive in the market.

This market is the world of advertising on social networks, which have left behind the traditional advertising platform for ads on the radio, the printed newspaper or TV. Just as this has forced all the bands, especially the rock bands, to get good photographers; photographers have also seen the need to get better cameras. At first, a photographer was enough with a good camera. Not anymore, now he also needs a good photographic equipment; a tripod with enough support and room for maneuver – and at the same time stability – to make the camera takes the most professional photos possible, a photo editing monitor that has a clear display of raw photos to be edited, camera lens that can take great shots at different distances, etc.

Those who are dedicated to photography have also had to learn to edit photographs. Know what are the dimensions with which they must cut a photo to appear in the best way in the “stories” of a social network. They have also had to become editors of colors, because many people demand their photographs, as well as with high image quality, with the correct filters that make the shot more aesthetic. Part of the necessary technological equipment is a monitor to edit.

Investing today in a good photographic equipment stopped being something optional, to become something vital and fundamental for the correct communication of any person or institution that wishes to have a presence in the globalized world and 2.0 in which we live today. The image says a lot, the image today is the letter of presentation of all Its importance should never be underestimated. In fact, their importance increases every day, so everyone must understand.