Five Knives Music is a platform about the Five Knives Band. Anna M’Queen is the lead singer of the band, the voice behind the sweet songs you hear.  Nathan Barlowe, Zach Hall, and Shane Wise are behind the keyboard and programming and percussion. They create beautiful tunes behind every song.

They describe their music as a blend of electronica and rock n’ roll to create beautiful sounds that everyone can associate with. They have released a number of top hits including “The Rising” for which we had a Grammy Nomination in 2014. Our other songs “Sugar” and “Savages” have appeared on charts. They have many more songs and they release more with each passing day.

Our song “Sugar” featured in the Transporter – The refueled movie that comes out in theaters in September 2015.

Five Knives Music is a platform where you can learn more about them, their music, tours, and any new releases. When they release a new song, you will see it on this platform. It is also a platform where you can talk to us about anything that is related to Five Knives Band.

We value our fellow fans and this platform is for them.

Music is the backbone of everything that we are today. From the underground music scene in Nashville to several recognized stages around the world, we have come to appreciate the power of each note. They use music to entertain, to take away stress, to teach, to abhor societal ills, and to have a really good time. We believe that music can change the world and that is what they have been up to.

Our platform is still a long way from where we want to be but we are working our way to getting there. Our fellow fans have been the pillars we hold on to, the motivation behind the countless sleepless nights. This site is for you.